How to Activate “Dark Mode” in Facebook Messenger for Mobile

How to Activate “Dark Mode” in Facebook Messenger for Mobile



Facebook promises a “dark” version of the Facebook Messenger mobile interface several months ago, but so far it has not officially launched it. It seems, however, that this has for some time been “hidden” in the application, and the activation mode is very simple: just send a certain “emoji” character to a friend. The result is adding a new option to the settings menu that allows “Dark Mode” to turn on or off.

To ensure Dark Mode is running, it is advisable to update the app in the App Store or the Google Play Store and force it off from the multi-tasking menu. Then choose a contact from your friends list and send a “semi-moon” emoji in a normal message. If everything is fine, that is, the app is up to date and has been recently started, a rain of emoji with the moon will appear on the screen and the message saying that you have discovered “Dark Mode”.


All you have to do here is press the message that appears and activate the option in the settings. It can easily be disabled if the black background does not like you.


Lately, more and more companies are integrating interfaces with dark shades in applications and even directly into phone software. This trend started especially due to the popularity of OLED screens, which when dark colors are displayed, consumes less energy, as a black pixel does not generate light and is automatically extinguished. Since most of the top-of-the-range phones are now equipped with OLED panels, the use of graphical interfaces with dark shades is a simple way to extend the autonomy.


The method was tested on both iOS and Android, so it’s not a platform-only feature. Since Dark Mode is already available in this “hidden” version, Facebook will most likely launch the feature for all users in the very near future.

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