5G technology – what to expect from it?

5G technology – what to expect from it?


We all have a mobile phone this days and we use it all day long for calling, texting or searching through the internet. But did you wonder if your mobile has a great speed connection? Or do you just have to struggle with it when you want to go online?


The innovation in the smartphones industry has been growing very fast during last years. Due to the battle that unfolds between the multiple smartphone makers, we will always find something new and innovative on their newest releases. If just one company comes with one feature that might be interesting for consumers, then all the competitors will launch their own set of devices with new or even improved features.

From the dual camera setups to the fingerprint display sensors or even face recognition, we are all witnesses for a revolutionary upgrade in the world of smartphones. The ones launched this year amazed us so far, but we are certain that until the end of the year we will find even more outstanding features that will continue the development.

If we step back a little and focus more on the internet speed, we can see that most of the mobile phones will support the 5G technology, or, for everyone to understand, the fifth generation mobile network technology. It has been just a rumor for a couple of years, because it has been in its testing phases, but now it will come alive and be integrated in the newest devices.


We know that we might not be able to get the most out of this high-speed network initially, because the telecoms have to align to it and invest in the infrastructure, but we can tell you for sure that most of the smartphone makers have already started working on making this feature the different thing that will bring them  much sales this year. We can expect that this year will have 5G signals, and if your phone is granted with this kind of technology, than it could be a future-proof buy.

Despite the fact that smartphone makers like Google and Apple doesn’t recognize that they work at 5G handsets, most of the others players, such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, OnePlus, Lenovo and much more revealed or just pointed a hint that they are working on 5G compatible phones. Looks like apple, although, will wait a little more, and it will launch his 5G compatible iPhone in 2020.


So, just to recap, 5G network technology will rely on the MIMO standard – multiple – imput and multiple – output. For that, they will achieve speed and reliability. How much, you wonder? 5G will provide internet speed 100 times faster than 4g. Also, it offers 100 times more capacity than what we get now on 4g networks. Also, it will have a better performance, custom network slicing, low latency rate and it will considerable reduce the battery consumption. All of these might be good reasons for expecting the 5G technology.


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