The difference of internet speed between WIFI and direct connection

The difference of internet speed between WIFI and direct connection


In this days, WIFI is the most common type of connection used when we go online. But do you know why is it so different from the direct one?


With WIFI, we connect to the internet through a device that transmits wireless signal and for that we can go online. The one we all know about it is the router, which send us the signal from a connection coming from outside the network and delivers the signal to the devices that are in it’s range. We all have one in our homes and use it all the time.

The wireless router is very simple, it just connects to your computer or mobile devices using radio waves, instead of cables. It has incorporated a low power radio transmitter and receiver and it only has a range of about 90 meters. If your walls are very thick, then this range will be smaller and probably you will need a wireless amplifier.


Another way we can use the WIFI connection is by making a hotspot from a device already connected to the router or with a data connection plan, where another computer or phone can use our device to access the internet. Most of the public spaces use allow you to access the internet through this type of connection, but you must now that is not very secured, and personal information may be sent over to someone you don’t know.


The WIFI comes from the need of gaining mobility, so we don’t always have to stay wired to the router. We encounter it all over the place, when we go to the mall, to the favorite bar or in some countries, even on the streets. It is a clear proof that technology is always advancing.


On the other side, the direct connection isn’t as friendly as the WIFI one and is mostly used for computers. For that, you will need an Ethernet cable, which comes with the modem most of the time. The cable is the bridge from the modem to your computer and that is the only way you can access the internet. It is recommended for desktop computers, in business where you work at the office all over the time. Although is a secure connection, you can only use it for computers or laptops, not for your phones.

So, even in both ways, the modem is the key for us to use the internet, the way we connect to it can determine our all day routine. If we just go online through our laptops or mobile devices for personal use, searching things, social media or even watching movies or TV Shows, the WIFI is a suitable connection for us.


But if we want to do more, and we use the internet business related, the we need a more secure connection, and here is where the direct one comes in front. This one is the correct one to use, if we like that our information to stay private.

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