Why having great internet speed can boost your work?

Why having great internet speed can boost your work?


We all know that a fast internet speed can improve our work, but do you really know why? Let’s talk a little bit about this thing.


The Federal Communication Commission recommend that internet speed should be of 12 to 25 Mbps, which can be a good speed for working.


If we made you curious and you want to test your internet speed, you can do that by running an online speed test on your computer. Most of the tests will also tell you your ping time and differentiate your connection’s download and upload speed.

If you work from home, than you have to decide what you will use the internet for. If you frequently download or upload files, then you should have a speed of at least 40 Mpbs. If you just go online and use the internet for sending emails or basic programs, then a 3-4 Mbps it’s just enough for you.


Do you know what ping means? If your answer is no, then we will tell you. A ping is a test which allows you to figure if a server is reachable. When you run a ping test, a data packet is sent to the server to see if the data comes back. If yes, then this means that the server is reachable.


Ping time refers to the responsiveness of your connection, just to know how fast the data travels to the server and back. It is measured in miliseconds. If the ping doesn’t registers anything for a couple of seconds, than you may have a lag in your connection.


On the other side, latency let us know how fast the data will be transferred between the source and it’s destination. To provide you an example, if you are based in Romania and you play on a server in China, you will have a higher latency than you were based in China and connected from there.

The Mpbs term is used everywhere to describe the speed of your internet, but do you know what it really means? Mpbs is the shorten from megabits per second. It measures the bandwidth of your internet connection, meaning how much data it is transferred on each second.


And on the last analyze, you should know the difference between download and upload speeds. The download speed refers about how fast your internet connection can transfer data from the server you are reaching to your computer. It is important for you if you want to download files, loading a website or streaming music or a video. The upload, on the other side, refers on the speed that you transfer the data to a server. This one is important for sending emails, live chats or just for sending files to other people.


So, next time you will wonder about your internet speed connection and why you need a powerful one, just think about what you are using it for, and then you will have your answer.

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